I’ve had the privilege of working with a lot of talented and amazing people over the years. I’m truly grateful for each and every single one of them. I’ve had so many people reach out to tell me how helpful our time spent together was for them and how much of a positive impact it had on their life. Not all of them have continued with a musical journey but each one has continued with their journey and it makes me happy to know I’ve been part of it. What an absolute honor. What a gift.

What Some People Say About Working With Me

What Some People Say About Working With Me

What Some People Say About Working With Me

Our 8 year old daughter takes voice lessons from Jeremy Bruce, and he is excellent. We were on his waitlist for about 6 months before we were able to schedule a regular weekly lesson, but well worth it! He makes her work!
Carrie Young-Pratt

I always wanted to sing.  Played the guitar pretty well but never felt comfortable singing alone in front of an audience.  So, at 74 years of age, I decided to try some voice lessons.  I found Jeremy online and went for it.  To say I am so very glad I did would be a massive understatement. It opened up my life!  I learned to express myself emotionally and artistically.  It was a revelation.  Jeremy was such a good fit for me because not only did he provide excellent technical training but he understood and supported my emotional and expressive development.  I went from being an anxious and expressively constricted singer to one finally comfortable performing before an audience.  I really enjoy my new vocal skills and level of comfort now and thanks to Jeremy, I have a wonderful gift to enjoy as I step into my eighties.
Stan Iwai

Jeremy Bruce has been an outstanding vocal teacher and mentor. Every lesson you will be learning something new about your voice and you will be constantly improving. He has been my teacher for a little over 2 years now and I have seen a lot of progress with my voice. He has helped build confidence in my voice that I didn’t have before!
Blake Daley

Jeremy has been my vocal coach for over a year now and I have loved every single lesson. I love working with him. He is so patient and knows exactly what to work on in my voice. It has improved literally so much and I definitely recommend him as a vocal teacher.

As a quick introduction I’ve worked with Jeremy on and off for 3 years (Due to medical concerns). At one point I even struggled to speak, but I could easily say in a heartbeat, that this man has done absolute wonders for my voice. I’d recommend Jeremy for voice, no matter the skill level. Jeremy is skilled enough to assist and educate anyone at the professional level and enlighten anyone at the novice level. The way that he simplifies difficult to understand concepts has definitely been paramount to the development of my voice. If you are looking for a vocal coach, this is THE guy.
Zachary Bobko

It’s magical when the right people show up in your universe at just the right time…Jeremy is super intuitive to the training and fine tuning I was seeking to take my voice to the next level! He brings decades of high level experience into the mix in a very professional way! Highly recommended!

Hannah Cruz

I was fortunate enough to have a chance to work with Jeremy. He was perceptively able to pinpoint every nuance of my vocal challenges and identified my bad habit ways of speaking that led me to abuse my vocal cords. During our very first meeting, we untangled these bad habits and replaced them with a healthier approach to speaking and singing. Since then, my singing has improved dramatically. If my first day working with Jeremy can have a huge change to how I use my voice which I struggle with for years, your search ends here because…your SEARCH is HERE!

I learned a great deal from Jeremy, from fully utilizing my true voice to producing sounds more effectively without straining, mastering the coordination of muscles to land notes beautifully, infusing more emotion into my songs, and more.  I can confidently say that I couldn’t have achieved this on my own or discovered these insights without Jeremy’s help. It was truly uplifting when able to witness the amazement of my friends during karaoke sessions or jamming sessions, leaving them wide-eyed and curious about the secret behind my rapid improvement. I am grateful to have found Jeremy and to have embarked on this vocal transformative journey guided by the expertise of Jeremy. Believe me, you can do it too!

Thang Nguyen

I picked up my guitar a while back after years of it just sitting in the case gathering dust. I got some tips from friends, learned a couple of tunes and even jammed out in some garages. I struggled but still made some headway. Progress was slow and I had some extra time on my hands so I thought, why not try some lessons? Well, guess what? I got better! Quickly! I’m no Clapton, but I can handle myself and I’m learning songs and techniques faster and faster.

So why did it take me so long to realize I needed to do the same thing if I wanted to sing better? I’m not sure, to be honest. It’s almost like I thought that singing is different than learning an instrument somehow, that it’s just something you’ve got or you don’t. I worked hard for years and improved some but so many things eluded me. Why couldn’t I hit certain notes? Why couldn’t I stay consistent in my tone from week to week? Why does it look so easy when someone else does it?

Well, long story short, I finally started looking around for a vocal instructor. Left messages with some folks who never returned my calls, considered going to a community college class, and then I found Jeremy. In less than a year, I’m miles ahead in my singing ability. There is no way I could have made this kind of progress on my own. Jeremy was able to analyze my singing and pinpoint the weaknesses. If you’re looking for someone to blow smoke, find someone else. If you want to be a better singer, you’re going to need someone that is honest with you, can communicate in a language you can understand, and can build on your strengths. That’s Jeremy. I still have a lot of work to do, but I know I’m on the right track because I’m getting more in touch with my instrument. That’s how I treat my voice now, like an instrument. I can hear and feel when something is wrong now. The best feeling in the world is to hit a note, lean into it, and realize that by executing proper technique, it’s actually easier than I ever imagined. My daily challenge is to forget the bad habits I learned over the years of self-teaching and to stay within myself.

Singing isn’t intuitive to me. I need someone who understands the instrument, can determine where my weaknesses are, and customize a practice routine that builds the foundation for a strong voice. That’s what Jeremy Bruce has done for me. My wife tells me I’m doing great, but she’s a little biased. Last time we were at Karaoke and a friend was there who always stands out vocally said he couldn’t believe how much my voice has improved. Trust me, he never mentioned it before! I’m getting better and it feels great.

Jason Tinsley

I’ve been working on and off with Jeremy for a little over a year. By far the best vocal coach I’ve ever had and I learn so much each time I go in. I always look forward to going to my vocal lessons just because I know I’m going to improve each time!

Elisha Miles

Working with Jeremy has significantly improved my singing & I couldn’t be more happy or thankful!

I started taking voice lessons with Jeremy almost a year ago now. I’m a singer/songwriter & I’ve loved singing my entire life but I never really knew how to do it. Before I started with Jeremy, I felt like my singing was getting worse everyday. I couldn’t hit the notes I wanted to & when I could, it wasn’t consistent. I quickly lost my voice after singing a few songs. The tone of my voice sounded just bad. I was lost and I needed help.

On my first lesson with Jeremy, he helped me improve my tone right away. It was honestly unbelievable. I’ve worked with a handful of vocal coaches in the past & none of them have ever been able to accurately assess my unique singing issues like Jeremy did right away.

Now a year later, all of my friends & family & small fan base have commented on what a world of difference these singing lessons have had on my singing. Now I can perform for an hour or more at a time without experiencing the vocal fatigue I used to. I’m able now to just hit notes that I used to really reach and struggle for. Most importantly, I feel confident in my knowledge of how to sing because of Jeremy. Not only do I now know how to warm up, how to do scales, and how to warm down; but I know HOW to sing.

I was looking for a vocal coach that could finally help me and I found one. Thanks so much for everything Jeremy!

Chris Trevigne

Jeremy has helped me so much over the last couple years, not only with improving my singing and speaking voice, but also with my overall confidence. He is honest about what does and doesn’t sound good, and always offers encouragement and a plan for how to continue improvement week after week. His lessons are comprehensive and include not only singing exercises to improve the voice, but also positive habits to tackle the mental game behind finding confidence in one’s voice and oneself.

Chris Cleland

Jeremy is a great singing teacher, amazing mentor and besides that, a really incredible vocal coach. Talks that we had and all of his advice were invaluable support for me in all my hard and stressful situations. Without the singing knowledge that he gave me, and without his psychological support that he patiently offered to me when I needed it, I wouldn’t achieve what I achieved.
Demetra Malalan

2012 X Factor Winner - Slovenia, Europe

I can’t express in words my complete satisfaction with Jeremy and his wonderful teaching style, personality, and methods. I started working with Jeremy in April 2019, and he has made a tremendous difference in my vocal skills and abilities. My confidence in my voice and singing had been destroyed by a negative experience, but Jeremy patiently worked with me to rebuild that confidence. I’m now comfortable singing in public and working on songs for my daughter’s wedding. He is outstanding and a tribute to his profession. I strongly endorse Jeremy if you are interested in learning how to improve your vocal skills.

Fred Kriess

When I first started considering voice lessons, I was initially looking to improve my speaking voice. I was unhappy with my voice because it came across as weak and I was constantly being asked to speak louder at meetings. My voice was holding me back both professionally and personally. I found Jeremy while searching for voice teachers on-line and decided to give voice lessons a try. I am so glad I found Jeremy. Jeremy is highly knowledgeable, patient, and easy to work with. He is quickly able to assess the issues in my voice and provide suggestions for improvement. 11 months later, I am so much happier with my voice. It is a lot stronger and I have much better control over how I sound.

My speaking journey was not without issues. When I first started my lessons, I was really struggling with my breath, getting fatigued quickly within a minute or two of practicing scales. I decided to see a physician and was diagnosed with possible vocal cord dysfunction for which I was told that there is no definitive cure. Although this was upsetting, I kept up with my lessons and with daily practice, I was able to overcome my vocal cord issues. I couldn’t have gotten here without Jeremy’s support and encouragement throughout this process.

Jeremy is a wonderful teacher and I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to improve their speaking voice.

Amna Mohammed

Jeremy has been awesome to work with and has made every lesson easy and comfortable. I had absolutely zero experience or knowledge of the vocal instrument and in 5 months I feel like I can actually sing good. He has helped me in all aspects of singing and I will continue to work with him and with his continued instruction I hope to be in a country band soon!!

Danny Meador

I am so pleased with my experience with Jeremy Bruce. A year ago, I wasn’t very happy with my voice and wanted to get more into local community theaters. He helped whip my voice into shape and the progress I’ve made in a year is astounding. I’ve been in several productions of community theater shows and played several leads. I also was accepted into the prestigious AMDA Musical Theatre conservatory in NYC. I am going this fall and I truly believe I wouldn’t have gotten in without Jeremy’s help. If you’re into musical theatre or just singing I highly recommend you go to Jeremy Bruce!
Claire Dolan

Phenomenal. Excellent studio/voice coach. You’ll be happy to know you’ve found what you’re looking for in a studio. Experienced, Talented, Friendly, and Affordable. Love this place. My daughter looks forward to it every week.
Amanda Aubry

I can’t even begin to describe the change I’ve seen in my voice since working with Jeremy. Even after just one lesson, I noticed a huge difference. But he’s more than just a vocal coach. He’s a mentor and a friend. He really personalized our lessons to fit my goals in my genre of music, as well as talking me through a lot of self doubt and personal hurdles I needed help getting over. I’d recommend him to anyone, hands down. I couldn’t ask for anyone better!
Savannah Whitaker

I have played in cover bands and original projects but felt that my vocals were not progressing in a healthy/stronger way. I have used vocal instructors before yet I just felt like I was doing scales and it wasn’t transposing into my vocals performance. Then I came to Jeremy Bruce and within a few lessons he had me more confident and experiencing progress in my tones and fullness of my voice. Not to mention his studio at his house is the best I have been too! Jeremy, Thank you so much!!!

Todd West

Jeremy is very professional, and he made me feel welcome and eased my nerves. I have extreme stage fright and I immediately felt calm and comfortable to sing in front of him. He knew exactly how to improve my voice and was very clear on how we would get there and how far I would need to go. Would highly recommend him.
Julia Johnson

Jeremy is the only one that I allow to push me because I believe he’s the one that will help me achieve my dreams. Not only is he a great teacher, but a great friend as well.
Sydney Hiralez

Jeremy works my voice hard but is as fun as he is serious about helping me improve my vocals!! I wish everyone who loves to sing could meet with Jeremy on a regular basis! It’s worth your time!!!
Susan Schwab Krause

Hi, I’m James! I make music on SoundCloud and have been singing since I was around 3. A bit later I decided that I wanted to take what I had done for so long to the next level. I started doing lessons with Jeremy right, smack-dab, perfectly timed, right when my voice was about to change. Jeremy helped me not lose my range on the top and added even more to my range as my voice was changing, helping me maintain the range I would have lost if I hadn’t gone with him and adding more over the next few months. I can, with a hundred percent certainty, say that if you start taking lessons with Jeremy, your entire perspective will change. I would recommend Jeremy to anyone who wants to take their singing to the next level. Thank you Jeremy!

James McIver

Taking voice lessons from Jeremy is the best personal decision that I’ve made in a very long time! I absolutely love to sing! However, about six months ago, I accepted the fact that I didn’t know much about my own instrument and wasn’t able to get around my voice to sing the way that I wanted to. I could hardly get through the middle of my voice without it cracking and getting hoarse. Forget the high notes: those were impossible. I tried belting it out, which resulted in loss of tone and pitch. My voice was left tired, raspy and hoarse. I sadly sought help.

I checked out many local guys, but finding Jeremy was an amazing blessing! Jeremy listened to my voice and was quickly able to assess my needs. He customized a plan designed just for me. Jeremy provided amazing vocal techniques that corrected major areas of my voice on the first day! On day one, I was able to get through the middle of my voice without too much difficulty. I left feeling more confident and hopeful. Each week since then, Jeremy worked my voice with kindness and patience. Yet, he maintains a high expectation of excellence. I’m wowed; I can now get through nearly three octaves with great tone and pitch! Because of Jeremy’s commitment to working my voice with excellence, friends and family can hear the difference in my singing. I’m still progressing; but, I’m in good hands, as Jeremy teaches me to combine unique style with strong vocal technique.

I highly recommend Jeremy to anyone experiencing similar vocal challenges. He’s as good as it gets! It has been a great experience for me, as Jeremy works my voice to its fullest potential!

Glenda Williams

Jeremy has done more for me in six months than all of my previous vocal instruction over the years could do combined. I have seen my strength and range both dramatically increase but that is nothing compared to the level of confidence I now have because of his instruction.

Jeremy is as knowledgeable about the physiology of singing as he is about the psychology of singing. It is his ability to retrain the brain, replacing bad technique with proper technique and teaching, through example, that the path is often times much simpler than we realize which has had the most profound effect on me.

When I first came to Jeremy I was self-conscious, insecure and unable to get through my first bridge. In the space of six months I can now reach my second bridge, I sing more confidently with a richer tone and have an array of vocal options for songwriting I never had before. I can not recommend Jeremy enough and look forward to his continued instruction.

Fran Scianna

I have been taking lessons from Jeremy for about two years now, and I love it! My voice has improved so much in these two years, and I could definitely say that working my voice with him has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. He is such a wonderful teacher, singer, and coach, and I have learned so much. I have much more confidence in my voice, and it has reached levels that I never thought I would be able to reach with ease. Jeremy has also introduced me to great singing opportunities that I will forever be grateful for. I will definitely be continuing my lessons with him long term.
Mayra Petrone

We found Jeremy by word of mouth from a very talented musician and dear friend. She gave us such a high recommendation. She knew of my long on going search for someone who was really good and who could really make a difference. We can not say enough about Jeremy… his talent, his expertise… well, he’s brilliant.

All three of my children (11, 12 & 12 years old) are learning guitar from Jeremy and they couldn’t be more enthusiastic about it because of him. He has such an amazing way of seeing their individual talents and needs and he is so highly educated in this field. My kids have come far in a very short period of time – just three months ago, they didn’t know a single note and now they are jamming free form together.

Jeremy has far exceeded my high expectations. I drive 32 miles one way just for our sessions and he is so worth it! We not only consider him an amazing music coach but we consider him a family friend. Whether its speech level singing coaching or guitar coaching… you will be so grateful to have him as your personal coach. We truly are!

Renée Taillon (& kids: Jared, Christian, & Kirié Elise)

I have been taking lessons with Jeremy for almost a year now. When I first started, I have to admit I was a little intimidated by the new singing sessions not knowing anything much about music except that I loved to sing. Going in was a bit nerve wrecking, but Jeremy knew that first session exactly where to start me at without making it overwhelming for a new singer to begin with. He has worked very hard and is very determined to see me excel to my highest ability. Some sessions have been harder than others, but I know you have to work for what you want.

To look back now and hear our sessions that were recorded when I first began is almost well funny… hearing myself practicing on those notes that I now don’t struggle with as much is great because of what an improvement I’ve made. It’s been really nice having close friends and family tell me how much of a positive difference in my voice they’ve noticed since starting the sessions. It’s a real good feeling to know I’m not just wasting my money for nothing. Thanks Jeremy for all your help and teachings. Thanks!

Kamee Wilson

Jeremy has not only taught me the skills and criteria to achieve success in voice, he has helped my self- esteem and confidence as a musician and individual. Jeremy has given me excellent results in a tremendously short amount of time.
Taylor Howe

My 18 yr. old son Jordan has been a student of Jeremy’s for the past year. In that time he has learned more than I thought was possible & his vocal range, tone & control have improved dramatically! Jordan also sings & plays guitar in a band & Jeremy has been a huge help with that as well, giving him input on his original songs & encouraging him in every way.

We recently compared video footage from a show he performed with his band earlier this month to footage from just over a year ago & the improvement in his vocals is incredible. We can only attribute that to his lessons with Jeremy. Just last week Jordan landed the lead role of Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors at Desert Vista High School, thanks Jeremy for helping him get there!!!

Janine Skinner

I began taking voice lessons from Jeremy a couple of months and my experience with him has been amazing! I have always loved singing, but I was never really confident with my voice. After I began taking speech level singing from Jeremy I have felt such a HUGE difference in my voice and have seen a huge boost in my confidence level. I feel like I can hit notes that I have never been able to hit before, and for me, that’s awesome!!! I feel so blessed to have found such a GREAT vocal instructor, who pushes me to be the best singer that I can be. I am so excited to see how my voice will continue to improve over the rest of my lessons. And I am so grateful to you Jeremy for helping me get one step closer to my dream of becoming a singer. Thank you times a million!
Brittney Hoyt

Jeremy is an outstanding teacher, mentor, and consultant. He has been an encourager and supporter of my daughter Riley for a long time. When we started, we thought her lessons with Jeremy were simply going to be instructional, but we quickly learned he has true care, passion, and heart in every lesson he teaches. Riley has learned not only about how to sing with proper technique but also his vast knowledge and understanding of the music industry has been a huge asset to her development as an up and coming artist. I have watched my daughter grow tremendously during her time with Jeremy. I would enthusiastically recommend anyone who is serious about developing their singing, songwriting and overall music abilities and awareness to work with Jeremy. We look forward to many more years of working with him.
Doug Engquist

With Jeremy’s amazing instruction, my daughter’s singing ability has improved in both range and tone. With his positive instruction style, Jeremy’s lessons coach and encourage the best singing results from his students.
Cathryn Sandstrom

When I had my first lesson at the studio, I’ll be honest, I was a bit skeptical. I had gone through four different voice teachers, all of whom just didn’t seem to help me become the vocalist I was searching to be. Singing has always been my passion, however, I’ve struggled with pitch, a limited range, and really just not having freedom to sing the sound that I felt in my heart.

After my first lesson with Jeremy, however, that all changed. Within only a few months, my range has broadened immensely, my voice no longer feels strained when I sing, and my confidence singing in front of others has risen as well. I actually enjoy hearing myself!

Trust me… just try one lesson with him, and you won’t be disappointed.

Kallie Sexton

Jeremy has been giving voice lessons to my 8-year-old daughter Kate for the past 6 months. He is very encouraging and Kate has learned so much in such a short time. She thinks he’s really cool and she gets to sing songs she picks out. I have recommended Jeremy to several of my friends.
Mara Loftus

After taking vocal lessons at another studio for an entire year, we noticed our 13 yr. old son, Connor, was getting very hoarse every time he would sing for an extended time. (He was the lead singer for a rock band that were being hired to do several “gigs”)

A friend referred us to Jeremy. Within two vocal sessions, Jeremy recommended our son be checked for possible vocal cord damage. Sure enough, he had a small vocal cord nodule that had developed. We are so thankful that Jeremy’s keen ear caught his condition in the early stages. In just 4 months of working with Jeremy, Connor is well on his way to learning the proper way to sing so he can avoid future damage to his vocal cords. Thanks Jeremy!”

Tracy Hurley

Jeremy, you have an absolutely awesome teaching technique. I was blessed with a gift and I searched for voice instruction to help me refine the gift. I am so glad I found you. Thank you for the time and energy you’ve devoted to instructing me in SLS techniques. I sincerely appreciate your personal attention and unending affirmation. The studio is fortunate to have someone with your talents. You have completely exceeded my expectations!
Lynn Robertson

If you are interested or know of anyone interested in taking voice lessons, I would recommend Jeremy. Jeremy came highly recommended by two different sources: my pastors, who are also singers and have several recorded CD’s, and a retired voice teacher who taught voice for over 15 years.

My daughter has been taking voice with Jeremy for almost 7 months and loves it! She loves Jeremy’s positive teaching style and looks forward to her lesson every week. My daughter has sung and performed with Greasepaint Youth Theater, Valley Youth Theater and The Phoenix Girls Chorus. It’s wonderful and reassuring to know I’ve made a wise investment in having Jeremy as my daughter’s voice instructor.

Gloria Kalstrom

11-year-old SLS student Bailey Jasper will compete in the World Championships of Performing Arts this summer in Hollywood!

WCOPA is slated as the “Talent Olympics,” and it’s an honor to be selected to represent the USA. Over 40 countries will be present with teams ready to compete in all aspects of performing arts. Seth Riggs himself has attended the competition and said,” I am impressed with the superb level of talent.”

Bailey has been performing in front of audiences since she was five years old. She said she feels “Incredibly fortunate to have Jeremy as a vocal instructor.” Studying with him just over a year, she has made great progress in her lessons with Jeremy.

11-year-old student Bailey Jasper did well at the World Championships of Performing Arts in Hollywood. She received a GOLD medal in the pop category for her version of “Pocketful of Sunshine.” She also received an Industry Award and received a BRONZE medal for an acting monolog she wrote herself.

Bailey Jasper

Samantha travels an hour (one way) for her lessons.

Christopher talking about his experience with lessons.

David Ellefson discusses his voice.

David Ellefson has conquered stages around the World as bassist of thrash metal titans MEGADETH.

As a member of MEGADETH, he has been awarded 10 Grammy nominations, countless gold & platinum records and toured the world for the better part of 3 decades.

Ellefson co-founded hard rock band the Lucid in 2021 with vocalist Vinnie Dombroski (Sponge), guitarist Drew Fortier (formerly of Bang Tango), and drummer Mike Heller (Fear Factory, Malignancy, Raven). He’s also lent his playing and writing abilities to other projects including Soulfly, F5, Temple of Brutality, Altitudes and Attitude, and Metal Allegiance.