All the slots for May are booked already!

If you've taken lessons with me before and want to get in before June, you can always reach out via text (480-612-4081) to see if we can work something out. I'll certainly do my best.

If you're new and wanting to work with me soon, please use the scheduler below to book something for June before it's full. Thanks!


Currently, the schedule is booked solid!

If you've taken lessons with me before, you can always reach out via text (480-612-4081) to see if we can work something out. I'll certainly do my best.

If you're new and wanting to work with me soon, please feel free to join the list by clicking here or on the button below. Thanks


There are ways to save money on lessons.

The offers below are only available at the current rates and they cannot be combined in any way.

Current Rates: $50 for 30 Minutes, $75 for 45 Minutes, and $100 for 60 Minutes.

Military Discount

Save 10% on every lesson you pay for. Cannot be combined with other offers.

My father retired after 20 years in the military and my grandfather bravely fought in two wars. I respect the men and women that serve this country and all active and retired military personnel with a valid ID will receive a discount on their (or their children’s) lessons. 

Package Deals

Package deals definitely save the most money. You get 15% off when you pay for 12 or more lessons at the current rates.


or More

Minute Lessons


or More

Minute Lessons


or More

Minute Lessons

Custom Package Deals Available

Because sometimes you have different needs.

Would you like to create a custom package that works for you? I’ve had people purchase 20 hours or more and do 5 lessons per week for up to 4 weeks. Others visit for a weekend and get in multiple lessons. I’ve had all kinds of scenarios and seen amazing results from situations like these. 


McKenna is from Wichita Falls, Texas, and spent two weeks here in Arizona working on her voice.

She did 1-2 hour lessons almost every day while she was in Phoenix and had some amazing results.

Voice Lessons

The benefits of ongoing and consistent lessons are fantastic but not everyone is the same. Some people learn differently and benefit more from longer sessions or taking lots of lessons in a short period of time. Others are touring or in town temporarily. There’s lots of reasons for people to customize their lessons.

Custom Packages

While the packages and deals offered suit a lot of people, there’s no reason why others should fall through the cracks because they have schedules that can be difficult to work with or have different needs. I want to get the absolute best voice I can out of people and that means treating them like the unique individuals (and voices) they are.


I’ve helped people strategize plans to get the most out of their voice lessons based on their needs, abilities, budgets, etc. Sometimes weekly sessions are truly the best for where people are at but that’s certainly not always the case. Knowing yourself and having a game plan is the best way to win, not only with your voice, but in life as well.

Tell Me What Your Needs Are

”I’ve worked with students ranging from 3 to 80 years old and have taught many styles. The beauty of my teaching technique is that there is no definitive style. This allows the singer to progress forward vocally without altering their own unique style.”

What People Are Saying About Jeremy

Sometimes it’s best to let others speak for you!

“Jeremy is an excellent and highly skilled instructor. He has a proven track record of success with his students and knows how to handle difficult vocal challenges. I’ve worked with teachers all over the world and I would not hesitate to recommend Jeremy to any singer looking to improve vocally and find success in their voice.”
Dave Stroud

Celebrity Vocal Coach, Former CEO of Speech Level Singing and founder of Vocology In Practice.

“I can’t even begin to describe the change I’ve seen in my voice since working with Jeremy. Even after just one lesson, I noticed a huge difference. But he’s more than just a vocal coach. He’s a mentor and a friend. He really personalized our lessons to fit my goals in my genre of music, as well as talking me through a lot of self doubt and personal hurdles I needed help getting over. I’d recommend him to anyone, hands down. I couldn’t ask for anyone better!”
Savannah Whitaker

“Jeremy is a great singing teacher, amazing mentor and besides that, a really incredible vocal coach. Talks that we had and all of his advice were invaluable support for me in all my hard and stressful situations. Without the singing knowledge that he gave me, and without his psychological support that he patiently offered to me when I needed it, I wouldn’t achieve what I achieved.”
Demetra Malalan

2012 X Factor Winner in Slovenia

Want Some Advice About Your Recording?

Recording vocals can be a tough process.