Gift Ideas

Need gift ideas for someone (or yourself) who sings and loves music? Here are some items I personally recommend and I’ve owned quite a few of them.

If you’re looking for a budget pick microphone that’s good, this mic is a great option. You will need a mic cable as well if you don’t have one but there’s an option when you buy it to add a mic cable.

I use this microphone here in the studio and most clubs use it as well. It’s an industry standard microphone and it’s built like a tank. A great microphone at an affordable price. You will need a mic cable as well if you don’t have one but there’s an option when you buy it to add a mic cable.

If you need decent mic stands here are some great options for you. I personally use the Gator one in the studio which is great for just vocalists, especially ones who like to stand. If you play an instrument go for either the Hola boom (I have that one too) or the Amazon Basics boom for a budget pick. It’ll still do the job. Regardless of what you choose, make sure to pick up some mic clips below as well.

Mic clips are usually necessary and always good to have around because they sometimes wear out or break. These should work for most standard mics and definitely the microphones I recommended above.

In this day and age, having a stand on stage or when you practice for sheet music or to hold your tablet is fairly common. This one is sturdy and gets the job done. I use it in the studio. You can get it for less without the accessory light.

In this day and age, having a stand on stage or when you practice either for sheet music or to hold your computer or tablet is fairly common. This one is sturdy and get the job done.

If you really want to get an amazing gift that will be awesome (still need a mic and cable though) then this PA system should do the trick. It has a great sound, can work for small shows, has built in effects, bluetooth, and much more. Every one that has bought this for someone in the studio LOVES it.

Here’s another great PA system by Fender and it comes pretty highly recommended by some people I know. I haven’t used this one myself but I trust the people that told me about it.

Here’s a nice little all around budget pick PA system. This includes pretty much everything you need to get started, minus the voice of course. You’ll have to bring that.

I use two of these Bose Pro Speakers in the studio and they are amazing! I love the sound of these. One of them is great as well. They can face an audience and still act as a monitor because of 180 surround sound. You can plug a microphone in and have one more channel for a guitar or another instrument and both channels have reverb and volume options as well. if you’re a street musician or want to play on a camping trip, they have a battery option that allows you to use it without power. Fantastic gift.

If you’re getting a PA system, you probably don’t need a mixer but if you do need one, these are some great choices. I’ve used them both. The one I currently use is a bit tough to find but these are fantastic alternatives. Of course you’ll need some powered speakers as well.

If you’re getting a mixer, you’ll need some powered speakers as well. Speakers are such a personal preference but I will say I love Bose, Mackie, and QSC speakers. I was going to use these QSC speakers in the studio but they are insanely loud (and amazing too). I ended up with the Bose listed above (which can also be used as a one person singer/guitarist  type portable PA system). But if you’re looking for power and awe, here you go. Of course, you’ll need two because stereo rules.

Having a pitch pipe can be a great way to practice anywhere. You play a note and start a scale there. Use it to find notes as well. It’s a handy thing to own and I own this one.

Pianos are great instruments to learn how to play, especially for singers! While I love the guitar and how it sounds, no other instrument helps a singer learn their craft as well as a piano. use it to find melodies, warm up, and work spots in your voice. Here’s a good lineup.

Guitar player or wanting to start out? Here’s some great beginner guitars and one of them is a bundle option too so you can get an all in one package. Fender makes great guitars and they even have a local factory here in AZ too.

If you’re looking to step it up and want an even better acoustic guitar, you can’t really go wrong with Martin guitars. These are primarily what I play and I love them. Taylor makes an amazing guitar too but I’ve always been fond of Martin guitars. I love them.

Love to hike, camp, or just need something to play in a cramped space? The Martin backpacker guitar is an awesome choice.

Living in Arizona and not using a guitar humidifier is asking for trouble. It’s way too dry here for your guitar. You need one of these. The hardest part is just remembering to fill them up regularly.

Having a good guitar tuner is vital. I use this one. Tune regularly. Tuning by ear is great if you have a good ear or need to get by but whatever you do, please just be in tune.

You need a decent guitar cable if you’re going to plug in and jam. I own this one. It does the trick.

Vinyl Lover? I certainly am and while I prefer more vintage turntables, this is an awesome modern turntable that has a great sound. Even some seriously snobby audiophiles agree. I’ve included two options here for the Orbit. I love the look of the walnut one.

If you want to give the gift of vinyl but go for something a bit less I’ve included two options here from Audio Technica, a nice middle option and a budget friendly option.

In the winter, I like to use this humidifier. I sometimes use it in the studio as well but I definitely love to use it when I sleep. It adds moisture and I believe it definitely helps. If my nose feels dry, I’ll breathe in and feel instant relief. I never breathe it into my mouth though. it makes you cough. Lesson learned.

What can I say? I’m an air snob. I love Air Purifiers. They keep the room fresh and they are especially great if you have allergies. I use one in the studio and I have another one in my bedroom. Here are the two I currently own.

Sometimes you just need to shut off all technology and actually read a book. This is by far one of my absolute favorite books of all time. I’ve given this book out to a lot of people. If you’re creative, this will probably help.

Gift Cards


I’d be really bad at business if I failed to mention that voice lessons make a great gift as well and I do offer gift cards you can purchase easily right now. They look very professional and they can be mailed to you as well. Simply fill out the form and voila! Consider it done.

I hope you enjoyed these gift idea recommendations.

Keep singing. Keep playing. Keep having fun!

Jeremy has been my vocal coach for over a year now and I have loved every single lesson.

I love working with him. He is so patient and knows exactly what to work on in my voice. It has improved literally so much and I definitely recommend him as a vocal teacher.